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I Am OG BabyMuva...


Mother of Eight, (one resting heavenly) Single Parent/Youth Motivator, Inspirational Author, are only a few ways to describe this phenominal woman and mentor.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pa but now residing in Atlanta, Yolanda has shared her life-changing experiences through writing, from Molestation by her father to battling Depression. From Suicide Attempts to being a High School dropout. Her Memoir, 'Life, Love, Liberation' is an honest depiction of one women's tainted journey into womanhood, and refusal to accept the stereotypes.

In 2012, troubled by a decreasing generation of strong parenting, Yolanda began writing 'The Baby Momma Journals' by volume. She has also created 'The Diary', a journaling book filled with personal prayers and daily aspirations that gives readers the opportunity to write their own experiences. Now in its Fifth Series, 'The BMJournals' are giving not only single parents, but youth alike, the inspiration they need to be a more vital part in the uplifting of today's generation. Oher titles in the series are. 'The Baby Momma Journals, Vol. 2- Confessions', and 'The Audacity of You Niggas'; A Bold, Controversial Look at Racial Accountability in Today's Culture.

Today, the young, proud mother of eight uses her life story and positive outlook on parenting to speak to single parents across the states, and by hosting Career Fairs & Mentorship programs. 

"Through, I hope to give mothers and women like me a place to connect, grow, and support one another as we all press towards success."

Yolanda is determined to be the change she hopes to see. 2-Time Award Nominated, Her work has been featured in Kontrol Magazine, AAMBC Book Club, and JPBTV. Look for her soon to be released tell-all biography, "LEAKED" coming soon and you can Keep up with this Author via IG, FB & Twitter @OGBabyMuva. Thank you for visiting her mentorship website!